Visual Library Examples

There are a number of examples that can be used as a guide for writing code to the NetBeans Visual Library.

Download the ZIP file below and unzip it:

Simple NetBeans Application Project

This will produce a NetBeans Java Application project. Open it in NetBeans IDE. A long list of examples, the first few of which are shown below, will be available.

Visual Samples

Simply run the project. A dialog containing a list of all the examples will appear. Double-click any of the items in the list to run the example. Note that all the supporting code for the examples is in the project. This is a good source for learning how to use the NetBeans Visual Library APIs.

List of Examples

  • javaone.demo1.IconNodeWidget - how to create a composite widget
  • javaone.demo2.ActionDemo - how to use actions
  • javaone.demo3.ConnectionDemo - how to use ConnectionWidget
  • javaone.demo4.GraphDemo - how to use graph-oriented scene implemented using GraphScene
  • javaone.demo5.ManyObjectsDemo - performance test of 1113 nodes and 1110 edges on a single scene. Zoom-out to see more.
  • javaone.demo6.LODDemo - how to use LevelOfDetailsWidget. Zoom-in to see more.
  • test.action.ActionMapActionTest - how to use ActionMapAction
  • test.action.PanActionTest - test of PanAction
  • test.action.PopupMenuActionTest - test of PopupMenuAction
  • test.action.SelectLockedActionTest - example of proper cooperation of select (which opens another Swing windows) and locking action
  • test.action.WheelPanActionTest - how to use WheelPanAction
  • test.alignwith.AlignWithClientAreaTest - test of #105285 - align-with action with checking client area of widgets only
  • test.alignwith.AlignWithMoveGuideLinesTest - test of #97034 - incorrectly painted guide-lines for MoveAlignWithAction
  • test.alignwith.AlignWithTest - how to use MoveAlignWithAction
  • test.alignwith.AlignWithResizeTest - how to use AlignWithMoveAction and AlignWithResizeAction
  • test.anchor.ArrowAnchorShapeTest - test of ArrowAnchorShape
  • test.anchor.AnchorShapeWidthTest - test of bugfix #91613 - Incorrectly rendered AnchorShapes
  • test.anchor.ImageAnchorShapeTest - test of ImageAnchorShape
  • test.anchor.InvalidAnchorNegativeTest - negative test of invalid anchor (its related widget is not added into scene)
  • test.animator.AnimatorTest - how to use preferred-location animator
  • test.animator.ColorAnimatorTest - how to use background/foreground animator
  • test.bird.BirdViewTest - how to use bird view
  • test.card.CardContainerWidget - how to use CardLayout
  • test.component.ComponentTest - shows AWT/Swing integration
  • test.component.ComponentModeTest - shows adding/removing modes of ComponentWidget
  • test.connect.ConnectActionLockTest - test of bugfix #120766 - missing check in lockable actions
  • test.connect.ConnectScene - how to ConnectAction and ReconnectAction
  • test.connect.ExtendedConnectTest - test of ExtendedConnectAction
  • test.connectionlabels.ConnectionLabelsTest - how to attach labels to ConnectionWidget
  • test.connectionlabels.LabelsWithSameAnchorTest - test for issue #121215 - Labels Overlap
  • test.constraint.ConstraintsTest - how to use widget constraints
  • test.context.ContextTest - test of mouse-cursor context resolving
  • test.controlpoint.AddRemoveControlPointTest - how to use AddRemoveControlPointAction and MoveControlPointAction
  • test.controlpoint.ControlPointsCursorTest - test of ConnectionWidget.controlPointsCursor property
  • test.convolve.ConvolveTest - how to use ConvolveWidget
  • test.custom.CustomWidgetTest - how to create a custom widget
  • test.devolve.DevolveTest - how to use scene-layout
  • test.enable.EnableTest - how to use Widget.setEnable method
  • test.expand.MouseOverExpandTest - how to create expand/collapse details functionality
  • test.expand.ProxyAnchorExpandTest - how to use proxy anchor for expanding/collapsing functionality
  • test.freeconnect.FreeConnectTest - how to AddRemoveControlPointAction, FreeConnectionWidget, FreeRectangularAnchor and FreeRouter
  • test.general.GraphSceneTest - how to use GraphScene
  • test.graph.GraphRemoveTest - test of GraphPinScene.remove*WithEdges
  • test.graph.GraphTest - test of bug fix on GraphScene.removeNode
  • test.graph.LoopEdgeTest - how to create a loop edge
  • test.graphlayout.GridGraphLayoutTest - how to use GridGraphLayout
  • test.graphlayout.TreeGraphLayoutTest - how to implement graph-oriented scene layout
  • test.huge.HugeTest - similar to javaone.demo5.ManyObjectsDemo
  • test.inplace.ExpansionDirectionsTest - how to specify expansion directions for TextFieldInplaceEditor
  • test.inplace.InplaceEditorTest - how to use TextFieldInplaceEditor
  • test.inplace.InvokeInplaceEditorTest - how to invoke in-place editor programatically
  • test.inplace.JustifyAlignmentTest - test in-place text editor with justify layout of labels with right alignment
  • test.inplace.RequestFocusTest - test of bugfix #96348 - requestFocus is not forwarded while editor is closing
  • test.justify.JustifyTest - test of layout justification
  • test.keyboard.EnterKeyProcessingTest - test of processing enter key
  • test.keyboard.EnterKeyTest - test of cooperation of Swing with an enter key processing within in-place editor
  • test.keyboard.KeyboardTest - test of CycleObjectSceneFocusAction
  • test.label.LabelGlyphVectorTest - test of LabelWidget rendering using glyph vector
  • test.label.LabelOrientationTest - test of orientation vs. alignment of text in LabelWidget
  • test.layout.CardLayoutWithLabelTest - how to create non-jumping widget with card layout and label widget as child
  • test.layout.FlowLayoutTest - test of bugfix #105400 - FlowLayout does not work correctly with negative location of child widgets
  • test.layout.MinMaxFlowLayoutTest - test of FlowLayout cooperation with minimal size
  • test.layout.OverlayLayoutWidgetTest - test of justification of OverlayLayout
  • test.layout.WeightFlowLayoutTest - how to use weights in FlowLayout
  • test.list.ListTest - how to use ListWidget and ListItemWidget
  • test.listeners.ObjectSceneListenerTest - how to use ObjectSceneListener
  • test.lod.LevelOfDetailsTest - how to use LevelOfDetailsWidget
  • test.lod.TwoLimitsLevelOfDetailsTest - test of bugfix #123711 - Fade between soft/hard max in LevelOfDetailsWidget
  • test.move.SnapToGridTest - how to use snap-to-grid move strategy
  • test.multiline.MultiLineTest - how to create a multi-line label using JLabel
  • test.multiview.MultiViewTest - how to create satellite views
  • test.multiview.MultiViewTableTest - how to create satellite views
  • test.object.MultiMoveActionTest - how to implement MoveAction for multiple objects
  • test.object.MultipleWidgetsTest - how to use ObjectScene for 1-N mapping between objects and widgets
  • test.object.ObjectTest - how to use ObjectScene
  • test.order.ReverseOrderWidgetDependencyTest - how to implement a connection widget behind a related widgets
  • test.repaint.RepaintTest - test of bugfix of repaint of ConnectionWidget
  • test.resize.ResizeTest - how to use ResizeAction
  • test.router.OSRCollisionsCollectorTest - test of bugfix #96462 - Incorrectly routed path by OrthogonalSearchRouter when a target in collision region
  • test.router.OSRComputeControlPointsTest - test of bugfix #96460 - Wrong control points computation in OrthogonalSearchRouter
  • test.routing.ActionsWithRoutingPolicyTest - how to use routing policy with AddRemoveControlPointAction and MoveControlPointAction
  • test.routing.RoutingPolicyTest - how to use routing policy of ConnectionWidget
  • test.sceneresize.LimitedSceneTest - test of cooperation of OrthogonalSearchRouter with Scene.maximumBounds property
  • test.sceneresize.SceneResizeTest - test of bugfix #84604 - scene resize based on Scene view component
  • test.scroll.ScrollTest - how to use ScrollWidget for scrollable view
  • test.scroll.SwingScrollTest - how to use SwingScrollWidget for scrollable view which uses JScrollBar from Swing
  • test.serialization.SceneSerializerTest - how to implement serialization of graph scene where nodes and edges are represented as Long objects
  • test.swing.JButtonWidgetTest - how to implement zoom-able JButton
  • test.swingborder.SwingBorderTest - how to use borders for Swing
  • test.tool.CtrlKeySwitchToolTest - how to create active-tool switching using ctrl key
  • test.tool.ToolTest - how to use action-tools
  • test.view.OffscreenRenderingTest - how to off-screen render a scene
  • test.view.TooltipTest - test of tool-tips
  • test.visible.NotifyAddedRemovedTest - test of Widget.notifyAdded and Widget.notifyRemoved methods
  • test.visible.VisibilityTest - compatibility test of Layout implementations with Widget.visible property
  • test.vmd.VMDCollisionTest - test of WidgetCollisionCollector
  • test.vmd.VMDColorSchemeTest - how to use VMDColorScheme
  • test.vmd.VMDTest - how to use VMD plug-in
  • test.widget.AnimatedImageTest - test of animated image in ImageWidget
  • test.widget.ConnectionWidgetCutDistanceTest - how to use control point cut distance in ConnectionWidget
  • test.widget.ConnectionWidgetOrderTest - test of widget order using connection widgets
  • test.widget.IconNodeHeaderTest - how to implement relative header to an IconNodeWidget
  • test.widget.RelativeDecorationTest - how to implement decoration relatively to widget location
  • test.zoom.CenteredZoomTest - how to use CenteredZoomAction
  • test.zoom.FitToViewTest - how to implement fit-to-view feature
  • test.zoom.MouseCenteredZoomTest - how to use MouseCenteredZoomAction

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