NetBeans Platform Showcase

Seeing is believing. These are examples of some of the enterprise applications being built on top of the Java desktop application framework known as "the NetBeans Platform".


New = New item (added during/after 2012)
commercial/private = Corporate/Commercial/Private
open/free = Open Source/Freely Available
student = Student Projects
No longer being developed = No longer being developed

Companies & organizations using the NetBeans Platform. Battelle Memorial Institute, Boeing, CD-adapco, Chemaxon, Cismet, Eriksfiord, French Defence Agency, Genomatix, Informatics Matters, Institute of Marine Research, Interactive Network Technologies, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, Marine Cybernetics, MCD Electronics, NATO, Northrop Grumman, Ocean Optics, Ordina, Raytheon, Saab Systems Grintek, Sandia, SES ASTRA TechCom S.A., Simtec Buergel AG, Skyguide, StreamSim, Gemcom Minex, Swedish Defence Agency, US Army Research Laboratory


NATO MICE Console - click to enlarge   commercial New


NATO MICE Console (MASE Integrated Console Environment) is the platform at the heart of a redeveloped MASE (Multi-AEGIS Site Emulator) console. MASE is the standard NATO system to support the execution of air operations in a real-time environment.

Once complete, MICE will be used in air defence units of all NATO nations that are currently using MASE; today more than 60 installations in 20 NATO countries use MASE to execute Air Command and Control on national territory. In addition, MICE will be available to create, if required, console applications for other air defence related systems.

Northrop Grumman - click to enlarge   commercial

Northrop Grumman Agile Client

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a leading global security company whose 120,000 employees provide innovative systems, products, and solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, shipbuilding and technical services to government and commercial customers worldwide.

Agile Client is a NetBeans Platform application developed by Northrop Grumman in partnership with the US Defense Information System Agency. It brings the war fighter a 3-D common operational picture (COP) workstation designed for greater efficiency and mission effectiveness.

JECP System Performance Model - click to enlarge   commercial New

US Navy JECP System Performance Model

The Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection (JECP) Program part of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, which is the Joint Services single focal point for research, development, acquisition, fielding, and life-cycle support of chemical and biological defense equipment and medical countermeasures.

Created by the US Navy, the objective of the JECP System Performance Model (SPM) is to model the collective protection performance of each JECP shelter and predict the level of exposure to chemical and biological (CB) agents experienced by personnel inside the toxic-free area (TFA). Exposure within the TFA can occur as a result of agent infiltration through barrier materials, air locks, closures, seams, filters, and from personnel entering or exiting the TFA.

JMAT Visualization Package - click to enlarge   commercial New

US Navy JMAT Visualization

The Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection (JECP) Program part of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, which is the Joint Services single focal point for research, development, acquisition, fielding, and life-cycle support of chemical and biological defense equipment and medical countermeasures.

Created by the US Navy, the JMAT Visualization Package software allows analysts to "playback" a scenario in order to view how contaminants move externally and internally. This visualization, coupled with various reports and plots, allows the user to determine the overall performance of JECP shelters, air locks, and other components when faced with a variety of attacks, configurations, and environmental conditions.

DLRS - click to enlarge   commercial New

Data Link Reference System

Data Link Reference System, by South Africa's Saab Systems Grintek, is a tool for determining interoperability compliancy of tactical messaging for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). This includes scenario generation, a tactical GIS, and message compliancy validation.

TGIS - click to enlarge   commercial

Tactical Geographical Information System

Tactical Geographical Information System, by South Africa's Saab Systems Grintek, is based on a C3I system product developed for the South African Navy (SAN) for an Operational Boat Squadron (OBS) base camp. The TGIS component has now been ported onto the KITT platform as a NetBeans module. The TGIS can be used in the following environments:

  • Situational Awareness on a tactical level for peacekeeping missions.
  • Real-time Common Operating Picture (COP) of ground, maritime and air platforms.
  • Military operations other than conventional warfare.

Symmetry - click to enlarge   commercial


Symmetry, by South Africa's Saab Systems Grintek, is a generic analysis tool for determining interoperability between nodes on a tactical network.

The focus of the tool is currently to determine the level of semantic interoperability between consort systems on different network nodes implementing the Link-ZA standard. Link-ZA is the tactical data link standard that forms a part of the CNIS. This product allows for an NxN comparison of all defence platforms making use of Link-ZA.

Komposer - click to enlarge   commercial


Komposer, by South Africa's Saab Systems Grintek, is a tool used to define message sets used by the KORE, which is Saab System Grintek's development platform.

A message set contains the structure of a number of messages, for example the definitions of the messages in the NMEA 0183 standard. The message sets may be exported in the format of NetBeans modules containing Java source code that plugs into the KORE, together with a set of unit tests to ensure message structure correctness.

Master Event List Tool - click to enlarge   commercial

Master Event List Tool

Master Event List Tool (MELT), by South Africa's Saab Systems Grintek, is a one-way communication system for Conflict Simulation (ConSim), where it is used during simulation exercises.

During mission readiness training, MELT provides incidents and injections complementing the simulations. The client computer receives a message instructing what, when, and how to report the detail of a specific incident or injection.

Odyssey - click to enlarge   commercial

European Union Odyssey

The Odyssey project, which is part of the European Commission's research funding programme called Framework 7 (FP7), is building a prototype platform to let police forces and other law enforcement agencies easily share data about incidents of ballistic crime. Such data might include the details of individual bullets, spent cartridge cases, or the location of a crime.

Visual Control - click to enlarge   commercial

Raytheon Virtual Control

Raytheon Virtual Control is a flexible enterprise management and control system that has been designed to support a wide range of distributed system needs. Its robust capabilities are being applied across the LVC domains to support some of the most critical development programs in the Department of Defense (DoD).

Distributed system technologies in the Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) domains are increasingly being interwoven to leverage unique capabilities and create synergies among diverse technologies. The capability to manage and control multi-protocol systems as well as provide for their interoperability is critical to the success of these efforts.

NetScene - click to enlarge   commercial

NetScene in MOSART Research Testbed

Created by Swedish Defence Agency, MOSART is a framework for integration, testing, visualization, and evaluation of research results relating to surveillance data. The primary goal of MOSART is to simplify the integration of research results and other advanced functionality into larger simulations and demonstrators.

One part of MOSART is an application called NetScene. It is a tool for creating, editing, and executing scenarios in the testbed and is especially developed with distributed simulation in mind. Its main features are that it uses an XML based scenario format, that it has a GUI for adding, editing, and removing entities and paths, and that it connects to other parts of the MOSART testbed, such as HLA (High Level Architecture), which relates to real-time processing.

ASTRAD - click to enlarge   commercial


ASTRAD, which stands for "architecture and simulation tool for radar analysis and design", is a powerful software platform fitted to radar techniques. It provides users with all the functions needed to model, simulate and design radar systems. Launched as a joint project between French Ministry of Defence and the radar industry community, the ASTRAD software has the ambition to stand out as a reference platform for engineering and scientific applications.

Launched as a joint project between French Ministry of Defence and radar industry community, the ASTRAD software has the ambition to stand out as a reference platform for engineering and scientific applications. A common objective is also to promote ASTRAD as the European solution and propose built-in solution for the design and assessment of complex systems.

Trainable Automated Forces - click to enlarge   commercial

Trainable Automated Forces

Trainable Automated Forces (TAF), by Sandia National Laboratories, are computer-generated agents that mimic tactics demonstrated by human experts. Although the goal of TAF is to interact with users mainly through the 3-D virtual environment provided by a training simulator, TAF also relies on a conventional GUI implemented on the NetBeans Platform.

Cognitive Architect - click to enlarge   commercial

Cognitive Architect

Cognitive Architect is a prototype NetBeans Platform application developed by the Cognitive Systems group at Sandia National Laboratories to interactively construct or learn sophisticated information-flow-processing models from relevant data, using the open-source Cognitive Foundry.

Muves - click to enlarge   commercial

Modular Unix-based Vulnerability Estimation Suite (MUVES)

The US Army Research Laboratory modeling and simulation environment for measuring how much damage bullets, bombs and other projectiles can do to vehicles, among other uses.

For more information, read Army Research Lab deploys cloud for app testing, see the JavaOne 2009 slideshow or read the interview.

Aerospace, Transportation, & Logistics

Boeing Mass Properties Toolkit - click to enlarge   commercial

Boeing Mass Properties Toolkit

The MassTk is an engineering analysis application by Boeing. It incorporates the functionality from several legacy mass properties analysis applications that were originally written in Java, Fortran, C, and even Perl.

MassTk is built on top of the NetBeans Platform. It provides a rich GUI with custom editors for all business objects including 2D & 3D visualization.

Boeing uses MassTk to perform payload balance solutions, loadability analysis, fuel management analysis, fuel mass property analysis, and mass distribution to finite element models. MassTk vastly improved pre- and post-processing of analyses, it has a shallower learning curve, and lower maintenance costs.

Boeing Shared Platform (BSP) - click to enlarge   commercial

Boeing Shared Platform (BSP)

The Boeing Shared Platform (BSP) is a logical outgrowth of building MassTk on top of the NetBeans Platform: BSP is a feature-rich platform created by factoring out the modules from MassTk that are not specific to mass properties analysis, but are useful to engineering analysis applications in general.

In addition to the NetBeans Platform, the BSP includes a number of third-party open-source libraries, as well as a number of Boeing-developed modules.

Boeing SIFT - click to enlarge   commercial

Boeing Composite Material Analyzer

In a couple of months the Boeing Composite Material Analyzer application was built on top of the Boeing Shared Platform. It is used for composite material analysis.

For the developer, it was just a question of assembling the pieces, because a large part of the analysis code was already done in historical applications, where it wasn't easy to use and find. Now, thanks to having integrated everything via their shared platform, all derivative applications gain from this centralization.

Boeing XSA - click to enlarge   commercial

Boeing Cross-Sectional Structural Analyzer

Based on the Boeing Shared Platform, the Boeing Cross-Sectional Structural Analyzer is an application that was started after the others. It is used for cross-sectional structural analysis, where users look at a part and determine what size it needs to be in order to hold the load that is placed on it.

DLRS - click to enlarge   commercial New

Sintez KSA ATC Client

VNIIRA, in St. Petersburg Russia, has created an air traffic control system on the NetBeans Platform for tracking hundreds of flights using primary and secondary surveillance radars. Application features include flight tracking, conflict detection and resolution, data display from various sources, together with playback and recording of all system events and user actions. Using the modular NetBeans Platform, the team was able to compose features from multiple modules to provide the necessary functionality tailored to various roles, from flight executive officer to air traffic controller to combinations of these.

TAMS - click to enlarge   commercial New

Total Airport Management Suite

TAMS is based on the Total Airport Management (TAM) concept, which was defined jointly by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and EUROCONTROL. With TAM, the collaboration between stakeholders (airports, air traffic control, airlines, ground handlers, authorities, etc.) is improved in order to enhance efficiency, capacity usage and environmental protection at the airport.

Skyguide - click to enlarge   commercial


Crystal aims at delivering air traffic information for the coming minutes/hours in the Swiss air space. Created by Skyguide in Geneva, Switzerland, Crystal's goal is to help the supervisor of the control center decide which combination of sectors will be most appropriate during different periods of the day. It helps the decision making process of determining how many controllers will be needed, at what time, and for what purpose.

Berne Train Station - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Sohard Berne Train Station Management

Sohard AG in Switzerland has created a passenger information system used at, among others, Berne train stations. It centralizes the control of train schedules and train station doors.

AirIT - click to enlarge   commercial/private

AirIT Flight Information System

Flight Information System (more here) by AirIT in Orlando, FL, is a commercial offering aimed at providing airports with an efficient means of managing their operations. It is used by airport personnel to plan for and manage flights of all types, airport usage (such as concourses, terminals, gates, ticket counters), and flight schedules, among other information.

LDCS - click to enlarge   commercial/private

AirIT Local Departure Control System

Local Departure Control System by AirIT in Orlando, FL, is a commercial passenger processing application, which uses the NetBeans Platform as one of its frontends. LDCS by AirIT is a straight-forward, feature rich, cost effective local passenger processing solution that allows airline operations without proprietary departure control systems to deliver first-rate passenger and baggage handling by alleviating the need to manually process passengers and baggage. Read more about Airport Operation Management on Oracle and the NetBeans Platform.

Rotterdam Ordina Harbor Management - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Ordina Rotterdam Harbor Manager

Ordina, a leading Dutch software consultancy, created a prototype application to monitor & manage Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands. Through the increasing number of ships entering Rotterdam harbor, existing software tools needed to be replaced with a single integrated system to oversee the quick and secure handling of ship traffic. Initially planned to be a Web application, the changing demands in the application's complexity meant that requirements in security and performance could no longer be met.

Lynden Freight Management - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Lynden Freight Management

Lynden Freight Management, developed by Lynden Freight Shipping & Logistics in Seattle, serves a dual purpose as both a planning and freight tracking tool. Lynden is a family of transportation and logistics companies specialized in shipping to Alaska and other locations worldwide. They chose to go the desktop application route as they have a number of existing desktop applications that this application will likely need to interface with at some point, as well as a commercial set of rich UI components that they have been using for some time.

CoreFreight - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


CoreFreight, developed by Core Freight Systems in South Africa, is a fully functional operations support system for Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearing operators. The system provides full forwarding functionality from production of necessary transport documents, e.g., airway bills, to invoicing clients, and managing profitability on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

Solutions SCM Desk - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Solutions SCM Desk

Solutions SCM Desk by Sistemas Aereos is an internal application for controlling logistics operations. It controls purchase orders for clients, international transit, customs, as well as delivery of cargo.

Icasim Weight & Balance - click to enlarge   commercial

Icasim Weight & Balance

Icasim Weight and Balance is an application based on NetBeans Platform to calculate the centre of gravity of tactical aircraft (e.g. F/A-18) during test-flights. The software allows test pilots and test engineers to track the weights and moments of aircraft, test equipment, armament, missiles and other loads and to accurately predict and verify the travel of the centre of gravity.

Station Simulator GUI - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Station Simulator GUI

SES-Astra's Station Simulator GUI has as its main purpose to the monitor and control instruments in In-Orbit Testing earth stations. The rack-like layout, drag&drop, and shuffle features give the operator a visual impression, while looking at the real instruments in the control room’s rack.

Satellite Test Cockpit - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Satellite Test Cockpit

SES-Astra's Satellite Test Cockpit gives control over the complete In-Orbit-Test-System. It groups the different tools that have been developed around the In-Orbit-Test-System in the past. Those tools are now modules that are integrated into one big suite. This way we now have a unique look and feel throughout all modules.

Satellite Performance Measurement System - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Satellite Performance Measurement System

SES-Astra's Satellite Performance Measurement System (SAPMES) is a system deployed on transportable earth stations. Those stations are used for measurement of satellite parameters on various locations, e.g., borders of footprints.

Ka-Band Reference Station - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Ka-Band Reference Station

SES-Astra's Ka-Band Reference Station was their first NetBeans Platform application and they gained most of their NetBeans knowledge when developing it. It is used for the same purpose as SAPMES, as it was its ancestor.

TLMCore Remote Configuration - click to enlarge   commercial/private

TLMCore Remote Configuration

SES-Astra's TLMCore Remote Configuration is responsible for the remote configuration of telemetry servers (TLMCores). It enables the operator to do the configuration either in the Designer or the XML editor and do the upload to the telemetry servers. Local storage of configurations and uploading to multiple servers are just some of the special features.

Oil & Gas Services

Vinland Software Suite - click to enlarge   commercial

Vinland Software Suite

Vinland, by Eriksfiord, is an application in the oil & gas exploration business. Its mission is to make the daily life of geoscientists easier and to avoid forcing them to become spreadsheet addicts, since typically that's what they need to be. Lots of the applications/formulas in the geomechanical arena are either hugely over-designed and hopeless-to-use spreadsheets or very time consuming Finite Element models, often run on poorly performing 32-bit based Windows boxes.

The decision to use the NetBeans Platform in this case was a combination of its OS independence, its 100% Java content, and the fact that it is fully Swing based, very well documented, and has a very strong on-line community.

Elster enSuite - click to enlarge   commercial New


enSuite by Elster is software for parameterization and maintenance of new Elster gas meters, such as the EK280 volume converter, flow computer FC1 and ultrasonic meter Q.Sonic-plus. Elster is worldwide market leader and specialist in Flow Measurement & Control Equipment and Systems focused on gas.

Netinium - click to enlarge   commercial New

Netinium NCC

Netinium NCC is the operator console for the Netinium AMM+ platform, a Head End system for multi-vendor smart meter and smart grid infrastructures. The role based NCC provides a uniform operations environment for grid operators and utilities to securely manage millions of smart meters, in-home displays and other smart devices using different types of communication networks such as IP, PLC, GPRS, CDMA and BPL.

Trimp - click to enlarge   commercial New


Trimp (Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management Program) is an application created for Southwest Gas for pipeline engineering. Trimp takes extracts of pipeline segment data from a mapping system and assembles them into continuous pieces making up the linear feature network. The application lets users edit the pieces through merging, splitting, changing direction, and naming.

The linear reference models are foundational for the data integration needed to perform a risk analysis by a third-party application. All risk analysis data ends with a linear reference, either as point data or range data placed upon these linear features.

Limits - click to enlarge   commercial New


Limits is a reservoir engineering tool created by Object Reservoir for shale gas and unconventional reservoirs. Limits uses readily available and routinely collected pressure and rate data to determine feasible ranges of physical reservoir and completion parameters in order to estimate the uncertainty in the future performance of the well. All well data is stored in Object Reservoir's Knowledge Architecture (ORKA) and is fully searchable via a variety of well-input parameters.

OffSim Crane Simulation Instructor - click to enlarge   commercial New

OffSim Rig Crane Simulation Instructor

OffSim Rig Crane Simulation Instructor, by the Offshore Simulator Center, is designed for training personnel that are required to operate cranes on board oil rigs and oil platforms. The first installation of the crane simulator was at Rogaland Craneschool outside of Stavanger, Norway, where a full-scale rig crane cabin (donated by BP) was interfaced to the simulator, and built inside a 7m dome display solution.

IMS Synapse Tools - click to enlarge   commercial New

IMS Synapse Tools

IMS Synapse Tools, by the Institute of Mine Seismology, is software for monitoring and control of the seismic system (communicates RESTfully with Synapse Server). Here you see a tree view of the devices controlled by the Synapse Server and a warning that a site is not defined for one of the managed sensors. The Synapse Tools include a Site Creation Wizard for fixing this issue.

IMS Ticker 3D - click to enlarge   commercial New

IMS Ticker 3D

IMS Ticker 3D, by the Institute of Mine Seismology, provides a live view of seismic systems and current seismicity. Here you see a closeup, rotated view of a series of seismic events (spheres) interposed on the mine works and geological features (green and blue lines) and the sensors that detected the events (red dashed lines). The color and size of the events can be set to reflect different quantities (intensity, duration, etc).

IMS Trace - click to enlarge   commercial New

IMS Trace

IMS Trace, by the Institute of Mine Seismology, provides seismological processing and analysis of seismograms (calculates location and magnitude of seismic events).

IMS Insight4D - click to enlarge   commercial New

IMS Insight4D

IMS Ticker 3D, by the Institute of Mine Seismology, provides 3D visualisation and analysis of long term trends in seismicity.

Pyrus - click to enlarge   commercial


Pyrus is an application in the petroleum engineering domain. It provides a user interface for displaying and evaluating the results of seismic algorithms.

Marine Cybernetics - click to enlarge   commercial

Power Plant HIL Simulator

Power Plant HIL Simulator by Marine Cybernetics in Norway performs independent testing and verification of computer system software to detect and eliminate errors and weaknesses in power generators on ships, using Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing technology.

INTViewer - click to enlarge   commercial


INTViewer, by Interactive Network Technologies, Inc., is a geology and geophysics (G&G) data visualization software application designed and developed just for exploration geoscientists. It is an affordable G&G workflow-based data visualization tool for Upstream E&P. The focus is to provide tooling for the most requested visualization tasks and other related useful features.

studioSL - click to enlarge   commercial


Traditional ways of numerically modeling multiphase flow in oil reservoirs are based on finite element/finite difference methods. However, such methods can pose computational inefficiencies for specific modeling scenarios. Streamline- based flow simulation is an alternative to cell-based methods and can dramatically improve the computational efficiency of numerical models. StreamSim's IDE is called studioSL and it is written in Java using the NetBeans Platform's code and APIs.

Minex - click to enlarge   commercial

Gemcom Minex

Gemcom Minex is the only integrated, end-to-end mining software specifically designed for coal and other stratified deposits such as lignite, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore, and platinum. Fully integrating all aspects of mining from exploration through rehabilitation, Minex ensures that your resources are evaluated accurately and mined efficiently, improving your productivity and profitability throughout the mining lifecycle. Developed in partnership with the mining industry, the software is employed by the world's largest mining companies.

Geospatial & Agriculture

Puzzle - click to enlarge   open source

Puzzle GIS

Puzzle is a Java Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development platform built on top of the NetBeans Platform.

The main goal of Puzzle GIS is to create a free, production ready and competitive tool as a valid alternative to commercial software, as explained in an interview with the project lead.

AgroSense - click to enlarge   open/free


AgroSense is an open-source services platform for and by the agricultural sector. Anyone in the agricultural sector can offer services via this platform. Services, mostly in the form of pluggable software modules, assist and enhance organizational processes, such as farm managament tasks.

Gaea Plus - click to enlarge   open/free New


Gaea+ is a geospatial application offering 3D visualization, manipulation, and analysis of spatial data. The data is pulled from the web using standard Open Geospatial Consortium protocols.

Field Book - click to enlarge   open/free New

Integrated Breeding Fieldbook

Integrated Breeding Fieldbook is created by CIMMYT, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps breeders electronically design field trials and generate fieldbooks and labels through simple wizard-assisted steps.

Climate Monitor - click to enlarge   commercial

Climate Monitor

Climate Monitor, by EcoSoc at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, is a generic platform for analyzing various plant processes, climate factors, and quality of greenhouse plants. The program is designed such that it allows easy integration of analysis models and sources of data. It has among others been used for analyzing the optimal use of supplementary lighting.

URSOS - click to enlarge   commercial/private


URSOS is involved in sustainable urban development measurements. It calculate and assess the energy demands in an "urbanization".

An urbanization is composed of streets, plots, squares or roundabouts, and finally, buildings. A building has various properties, such as the orientation, the walls, the polygonal shape, the floor, and the ceiling. Walls also have properties, such as the height, the crystal areas, coefficients of the crystal, and overhangs around the windows.

PLCBUS - click to enlarge   commercial/private

PLCBUS Home Automation

PLCBUS Home Automation uses PLCBUS technology to control hardware devices by using electrical power lines to send data using a specific protocol (PLCBUS protocol). To connect the application to a PLCBUS interface, the RXTX project is used, to allow for the usage of serial ports. In addition, webcams are used in the application, via the v4l4j project.

EasyTool Professional - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

EasyTool Professional

EasyTool Professional by Vimar is designed to manage Vimar home automation devices. It is created on the NetBeans Platform and is one of many applications (some web-based, some mobile, some desktop) used to support Vimar's devices.

Intelligent Home - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Domito Manager

Domito Manager, by MCD Electronics in Poland, configures a system that controls lighting, heating, and opening/closing of gates in houses. In the building sector, a system of this kind is known as an "intelligent home".

The goal is to provide a multipurpose system available for technicians managing a home's electrical needs.

IntelliHome - click to enlarge   commercial/private


IntelliHome, from Denmark, enables intelligent controlling of every day usages of energy consuming devices, which also brings down overall energy consumption. For example, it controls turning off lights when not needed, taking computers, TVs etc., out of standby only in time periods when they are actually used.

Sweet Home 3D - click to enlarge   open source New

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application. It helps you place furniture in a 2D house plan, with a 3D view. The open source NetBeans Platform port of Sweet Home 3D is found at

Oasis - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Oasis is an application created at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway. It is used during research cruises around the world, for recording and analyzing research results.

Campbell Prediction System - click to enlarge   open source

Campbell Prediction System

The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) is used to predict potential fire behavior of a wildland fire. CPS is used to adjust tactics and strategies to ensure the safety of firefighters and the effective use of resources. As a learning aid, this application lets you interactively adjust a fire's environment and conditions so that you can see how these affect the fire's behavior.

Sahranco - click to enlarge   commercial

Sahranco Water Manager

In the middle east, Sahranco Water Manager manages the entire pipeline creation and water distribution process, from when plans are being prepared down to following consumer complaints about broken pipes. The software does the same task for installing sewer pipes to freshly created houses, city sectors, and so on.

cismap - click to enlarge   commercial

Cismet WMS Client

Web map service client by Cismet in Saarbrucken, Germany.

OpenMap Twitter - click to enlarge   open source

OpenMap Twitter Application

OpenMap Twitter is an application started in China, with the aim to create a desktop application that integrates OpenMap and Twitter.

Source code and preview builds are hosted here on

Bio & Chemoinformatics

Instant JChem - click to enlarge   commercial open/free

Instant JChem

ChemAxon's Instant JChem is an OS independent desktop application for scientists who need a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to manage chemical structures and run queries on local and remote databases. "The NetBeans Platform is Java-based and is a straight-forward framework that was very helpful in creating a Swing-heavy application like Instant JChem," says Petr Hamernik, one of the project leads, in an interview on

For a free trial, download Instant JChem Personal. Instant JChem is based on the IJC platform which is based on the NetBeans Platform.

MONGKIE - click to enlarge   open/free New


MONGKIE is an integrated network visualization platform for analyzing interconnected biological data in an interactive manner within a knowledge integration environment.

Vespa - click to enlarge   commercial New


VESPA is a visual analytics platform for exploring proteogenomics data. VESPA focuses on the integration of peptide-centric proteomics data with other high-throughput, qualitative and quantitative data, such as data from ChIP-seq analyses.

It is created at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) operated by Battelle Memorial Institute for the U.S. Department of Energy.

LRE Analyzer - click to enlarge   open/free New

LRE Analyzer

LRE Analyzer is a fully featured desktop application that provides the automated analysis and data storage capabilities required by large-scale qPCR projects, wanting to exploit the many advantages of absolute quantification.

Neuroph - click to enlarge   open/free


Neuroph is a lightweight Java neural network framework for developing common neural network architectures. It provides a well designed, open source Java library with a small number of basic classes that correspond to basic neural network concepts, as well as a neural network editor on top of the NetBeans Platform.

NBJMol - click to enlarge   open/free New


NBJMol is an open source project for porting JMol to the NetBeans Platform. Primarily, it enables new features to be added to JMol, in the form of plugins. It also gives JMol a windowing system for the first time.

StarBeans - click to enlarge   open/free


StarBeans is a generic open-source platform useful in the context of bioinformatics. It provides a minimal NetBeans Platform distribution, together with modules potentially useful in the context of systems biology.

For example, it provides modules that enable online and offline biology services. The source code for this module is in part derived from the Taverna project.

GenBeans - click to enlarge   open/free


GenBeans is a rich client platform on top of StarBeans (see above) for bioinformatics, primarily focused on molecular biology and sequence analysis.

GenBeans allows the opening of multiple sequence formats in a rich and interactive editor and gives to the biologist a seamless work experience during the analysis of DNA and proteins.

Chemistry Dictionary - click to enlarge   open/free New


NDVis is an interactive data visualization and analysis tool for large multidimensional databases.

Chemistry Dictionary - click to enlarge   commercial/private

CRC Press Chemistry Dictionary

The Chemical Dictionaries are a well established source of information about molecules, including chemical, biological, physical, clinical and literature data. Informatics Matters has created an application for distributing these dictionaries on CDROM or DVD.

SpectraSuite - click to enlarge   commercial/private


SpectraSuite, by Ocean Optics, is the first modular, OS-independent spectroscopy software platform. SpectraSuite is the platform for all future Ocean Optics application software development. Current software applications including OOIChem, OOIColor and OOIIrrad-C have been migrated to the SpectraSuite platform, with applications such as OOISensors and OOILIBS coming in the near future.

ChromAUI - click to enlarge   open/free


ChromAUI is an application that is part of the project. The project is an application framework mostly geared towards the definition and execution of data processing and analysis pipelines for data from machinery such as gas and liquid chromatography mass spectrometers.

Glotaran - click to enlarge   open/free New


Glotaran is a tool for global and target analysis of time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy data. It serves as a graphical user interface (GUI) to the R-package TIMP, which is the computational engine of Glotaran. It works under any operating system that supports Java.

cyby2 - click to enlarge   open/free New


CyBy2 is a structure-based information management tool used to store and visualize structural data alongside additional information such as project assignment, physical information, spectroscopic data, biological activity, functional data, and synthetic procedures.

Battelle - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Battelle Bioinformatics Portal

Battelle Bioinformatics Portal, created at the Battelle Memorial Institute, brings together in-house and 3rd party data storage and analysis technologies.

The purpose of the application is to allow users to curate, exchange, and analyze data using various technologies from a central platform in a seamless fashion.

ChipInspector - click to enlarge   commercial/private


ChipInspector, by Genomatix, is an analysis program to extract significant information from biological microarrays. Microarrays are fingernail sized plastic or glass chips which are used in laboratories to measure the activity of genes under specific conditions. ChipInspector calculates statistical scores for millions of signals and puts the result in an up-to-date genomic context.

A number of scientific publications have compared ChipInspector's results favorably to its competitors. ChipInspector is a Rich Client with database connectivity. It utilizes the automatic update mechanism and many more of the ready-to-apply NetBeans Platform facilities.

GoBean - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


GoBean is a GO term enrichment analysis GUI application. GO term enrichment analysis, which is the identification of Gene Ontology terms that are significantly overrepresented in a given set of genes, is a method frequently used to acquire initial insights into the potential biological meaning of "interesting" gene lists obtained from various high-throughput biological studies such as next generation sequencing, microarrays, and proteomics experiments.

Climate Competition - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Climate Design Competition Tool

Climate Design Competition Tool visualizes values of climate and energy issues within architectural competitions. A competition can be loaded from a file or you can start a wizard for a competition, which is then displayed and analyzed in the application.

PLASMID - click to enlarge   commercial/private


PLASMID (blog entry) is a tool for designing plasmid microarrays by using existing mixed microarray data or using virtual microarray data. PLASMID combines clustering methods, probe ranking methods and stepwise discriminant analysis to aid in the design of optimized, mixed-plasmid microarrays. These microarrays can be used subsequently for classification and comparative genetics of plasmids.

BioCAD - click to enlarge   commercial/private


BioCAD is an information fusion software platform. It utilizes local and global optimization for bio-network inference, text mining techniques for network validation and annotation, and Web services-based workflow techniques.

BioSPICE - click to enlarge   commercial/private


The goal of the BioSPICE program is to create a framework that provides biologists access to the most current computational tools. At the program midpoint, the BioSPICE member community has produced a software system that comprises contributions from approximately 20 participating laboratories integrated under the BioSPICE Dashboard and a methodology for continued software integration.

These contributed software modules are the BioSPICE Dashboard, a graphical environment that combines Open Agent Architecture and NetBeans software technologies in a coherent, biologist-friendly user interface.

QBT - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Quantitative Biology Tool

QBT is a tool that lets you define, visualize, annotate, and simulate biological systems of interest.

It utilizes SBML, a very popular XML format for defining the models.

QBT is developed by SemanticBits in collaboration with National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and is being adopted there.

Virtual RatBrain - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Virtual RatBrain

Virtual RatBrain is a tool to visualize 3D cellular and anatomical data of rat brains collected at multiple levels and from multiple brain regions generated in multiple laboratories.

BiologicalNetworks - click to enlarge   open/free


BiologicalNetworks is a Systems Biology software platform for biological pathways analysis, querying and visualization of gene regulation and protein interaction networks, metabolic and signaling pathways.

It is equipped with filtering and visualization tools, to provide high quality, easily understood scientific presentation of your pathway analysis results.

Scientific Modelers, Monitors, & Analyzers

Gear Toolbox - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

WZL Gear Toolbox

The WZL Gear Toolbox, by the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, is a unified graphical user interface containing different simulation programs for gear applications. It enables the analysis of the running behavior of gears by means of tooth contact analysis of the manufacturing-related deviations from the generating grinding.

cassandra-analysis - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Cassandra Repository Analyser

Cassandra Repository Analyser, by TetradIT, is a fully automated static analyser for Siebel. It analyses a Siebel repository for best practice violations in configuration and eScript that lead to performance problems, memory leaks, maintenance difficulties and data integrity issues. The goal of the tool is to measure the quality of development produced. The best practices inspected for are a subset of the Oracle Configuration Review and Software Engineering best practices.

STAR-CCM+ - click to enlarge   commercial/private


STAR-CCM+, by CD-adapco, delivers the entire computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation process in a single integrated software environment.

Written "from the ground up" using object-oriented programming and the latest software technology combined with outstanding ease-of-use and accuracy, STAR-CCM+ is an entirely unique concept in CFD.

Inneo - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Inneo Genius Tools Model Processor


Inneo's Genius Tools Model Processor is a tool that connects asynchronously to PTC Pro/Engineer and PTC Creo to automatically obtain information and change / process huge amounts of 3D CAD models. It adds or removes layers, parameters, and much more.

TeaCat - click to enlarge   commercial/private



TeaCat is a dynamic mathematical application that aims to enable high school students to experiment with and to exercise a variety of mathematical topics. Even engineers may benefit of TeaCat for rather complex calculations, since TeaCat includes working with derivatives, integrals, systems of equations and matrices..

jCAE - click to enlarge   commercial/private


jCAE an environment for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) applications. It provides meshing and visualization capabilities and is targeted to run on a maximal number of platforms.

jCAE features a simple volumes modeler and a finite elements mesher. It has inherited the module architecture of the NetBeans Platform and is portable to all platforms which support Java and OpenCascade. More information is available at the jCAE homepage.

EasyDoe - click to enlarge   commercial/private

EasyDoe Toolsuite

EasyDoe Toolsuite (PDF), by IAV in Berlin, Germany, provides a workflow for control units of calibration engines, using a method called Design of Experiments. The workflow guides the user through the whole process, starting at defining the task, making a test plan, importing data, making a mathematical model from the data, using the model in optimizations and calibrate maps that are directly exported to the engine control units.

S3 Silver - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Silver Solution Suite

Silver Solution Studio is an easy and convenient development environment and higly portable runtime, unified for all functions and all levels of Automated Control Systems. It is created by RTS-Soft, the dedicated outsourcing division of RTS-Ukraine.

SEC-Viewer - click to enlarge   commercial/private


SEC-Viewer is all about the analysis of people counting data from multiple premises simultaneously. It is an application that can collect, analyze and graph count data from various facilities from any PC. This system allows you to view and compare, simultaneously, data from as many people counters as needed, create custom variables using several counters and perform advanced macro operations on different counters.

PowerAgent - click to enlarge   commercial/private

CycleOps PowerAgent

PowerAgent (interview with developer here) is a companion product to the CycleOps line of power meters and electronic trainers.

PowerAgent communicates with the device (bike computer) to download all of the detailed data, which is analyzed resulting in summary metrics (such as average power, average speed, etc.). The user can then use a variety of on-screen graphs to look at a summary of their ride or the detailed second-by-second data. Other graphs are available to analyze trends over time.

Pursuit - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Pursuit automates much of your competition timing.

It is an advanced lap timing application designed to make life easier for time-keepers at competitive events. It was initially created to manage the increasing numbers of competitors attending South West Cyclo-X races in England.

Latiz - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Latiz by Latiz Technologies is a systems modeling event driven simulation environment built on the NetBeans Platform. System block models are constructed in Latiz using GUI components to add existing model components to a palette, connect those components through their predefined inputs and outputs, and to set the model parameters for each of the model components. Each model component may have a custom GUI interface for setting model parameters and for displaying output data. Model components can be added to the Latiz environment using the NetBeans modular architecture, thus allowing users to add functionality without modifying the Latiz source code.

Helmuse - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Helmuse, by MZA Technologies, integrates the HELCOMES (High Energy Laser and Consolidated Modeling and Engagment Simulation) legacy software and provides new systems engineering, parameterization and optimization capabilities.

SGB - click to enlarge   commercial/private


The SGB (Share Game Board) application, by MZA Technologies, integrates functionality from NASA's World Wind application and utilizes a Latiz model that interacts with MATLAB. SGB utilizes a MATLAB toolbox called SHaRE, hence the name. Developed for the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate (AFRL/DE), SHaRE provides a generalized scaling law modeling architecture in the form of a MATLAB toolbox under which a broad spectrum of laser and imaging applications may be represented.

Exie Builder - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Exie Builder

Exie provides People-Driven Performance Management solutions architected for widespread adoption by companies serving dynamic markets. Exie drives financial outcomes and accountability across the company and thus effectively involve the entire organisation in the overall strategy. By making performance management available to everyone across the organisation, you create an organisational culture continuously striving to improve performance.

Mercur Business Control - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Mercur Business Control

Mercur Business Control is a multi-user application to efficiently analyze, process, and record large amounts of multidimensional data for an entire organization. The system includes functions for importing data from other data sources and there are user-friendly input forms to allow a large number of users to manually enter values such as budget and forecast.

MultiTrode - click to enlarge   commercial/privateNo longer being developed


MultiTrode designs and manufactures pump station controllers, pump station supervisors, liquid level sensors, SCADA software and web-based monitoring and control.

IVAS - click to enlarge   commercial/private No longer being developed


IVAS is an intelligent virtual agent system.


OpenSim - click to enlarge   commercial/private


OpenSim (interview) is a freely available software package that enables you to build, exchange, and analyze computer models of the musculoskeletal system and dynamic simulations of movement. OpenSim version 1.0 was introduced at the American Society of Biomechanics Conference in 2007, and with version 2.0, an application programming interface (API) has been added, allowing researchers to access and customize OpenSim core functionality.

Since the initial release, thousands of people have begun to use the software in a wide variety of applications, including biomechanics research, medical device design, orthopedics and rehabilitation science, neuroscience research, ergonomic analysis and design, sports science, computer animation, robotics research, and biology and education.

3D Tooth Management - click to enlarge   commercial/private

3D Tooth Manager

3D Tooth Manager by CrossSoft in Kiel, Germany, provides three-dimensional tooth visualizations to enable efficient navigation by dentists around the inside of a patient's mouth.

Motasso - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


Motasso by SOHARD AG in Switzerland is a medical imaging application for small bowel motility studies.

Vobium Health Manager - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Vobium Health Manager

Vobium Health Manager by Vobium in India is software to store and organize your family's medical information securely on your computer.

Klinika Lite EMR - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Klinika Lite EMR

Klinika Lite EMR caters to the private health care management needs of a patient. It is an application designed to monitor vital statistics, generate reports, archive chart history, and analyze health variables. Reports are electronically submitted to a professional medical provider for further management and assessment of patient health.

ImageGrid - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

ImageGrid Platform

The ImageGrid Platform by Candelis is a feature rich and cost effective medical software application consisting of a suite of sophisticated image archiving, image management, visualization tools, and workflow optimization capabilities, which are closely integrated with state-of-the-art hardware.

MammoControl DIANA - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

MammoControl DIANA

MammoControl DIANA (DICOM Image Analyzing Network Application), by the Referenzzentrum Mammographie Munster, automatically analyzes and transmits images from constancy test results received via web entry forms for the National Reference Centers in the German Breast Cancer Screening Program.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


SKM-LAS, created at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Pakistan, is a Laboratory Automation/Integration solution for Pathology Lab analyzers/machines with Laboratory Information systems. It integrates 63 pathology lab machines and analyzers into one coherent application, supporting a range of protocols. The system bi-directionally communicates with true random access analyzers, such as General Chemistry (e.g., Hitachi P-800, COBAS 6000) and Special Chemistry (e.g., Advia, Immulute), where analyzers read the tube barcodes and inquire the system for the test orders and receives them, analyzes samples, and reports back the results to the system.

3D Tooth Management - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Kebok Aurora Information System

Kebok is a Pasadena-based company that provides IT services and develops health care management software for psychiatric hospitals. Customers include hospitals in California, Arizona and Illinois. Aurora Information System is an in-house application developed for Aurora Behavioral Health, a group of 7 psychiatric hospitals, to manage patient records. The ultimate goal is to have AIS manage the entire lifecycle of a patient's episode; from registering the patient, verifying the patient's insurance benefit, documenting the medical diagnoses and procedures performed, to ultimately billing and collection.

Ordina RIVM Health Data Gatherer - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Ordina RIVM Health Data Gatherer

For the Dutch heathy ministry, the RIVM, Ordina created an application to gather health data with a view to helping to prevent cervical cancer. Soon it became clear that the existing Web application was not able to handle performance demands. Deciding to replace the Web application with a desktop application on the NetBeans Platform, it became easier to develop and simpler to secure. The NetBeans Platform enabled us to create, in a very short time, a production quality, stable, and extremely secure application.

BBraun - click to enlarge   commercial/private

BBraun Outlook ES Interface Tester

One of the devices made by B. Braun, a healthcare product provider, is Outlook Safety Infusion System, which helps to ensure that "the Right patient receives the Right medication in the Right dose from an authorized clinician at point-of-care". Outlook ES Interface Tester is a test framework on the NetBeans Platform, created for interfaces of the Outlook ES device.

Nimue Platform - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Nimue Platform

Nimue (interview) is a set of components for building applications relating to motion analysis. This includes a lot of mathematical algorithms for 3D analyses, graphical components for visualisation, and also utilities to model the workflow of measurements and analyses.

The origin of the codebase comes from a project arranged by the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. It is mainly the work of Andreas Traupe and Oliver Rettig, specifically between 1998-1999.

Upperlimb - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Upperlimb (interview) is is an application developed for the motion lab at the University of Heidelberg. It is focused on upper extremity motion analysis, based on measurement data collected from the marker based Vicon measurement system. The application includes advanced algorithms for joint center estimation of the upper extremities, based on functional trials. The results of the data processing can be visualized as 3D stick figure motion and time series plots.

It is the first application based on the Nimue Platform (see above), integrating a motion analysis data mining tool to collect frame based parameters from the time series.

CMTGait - click to enlarge   commercial/private


CMTGait (interview) is is an application developed for the motion lab at the University of Heidelberg, on top of the Nimue Platform (see above). It controls the Xsens measurement system to use it as simple to use lower body gait analysis system.

Bloodbank - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Swedish Bloodbank Management

Databyran in Stockholm, Sweden is building a bloodbank application on top of the NetBeans Platform, replacing a legacy application.

The client is web-started from a JBoss server, communicating with the server application via EJB 3.0. Data is persisted in an Oracle database.

Kera - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Kera Dental Workflow Manager

Kera manages the complete workflow for dentists, from customer to technician to material data to billing to statistics, as well as other miscellaneous tasks relating to dental laboratories.

Casemix - click to enlarge   commercial/private No longer being developed


The Casemix project is developed by the Team Of Information Systems Unit, at the Hospital of the University Sains Malaysia.

The NetBeans-based application is used for International Disease Code (ICD10 & ICD9) and drug table lookup.

Affiliates Manager - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Pharmacist Affiliates Manager

The Affiliates Manager is used by the Tunisian National Order of Pharmacists. It manages member affiliations. Members have access to documentation sold by the organization, which is also handled by the application.

Lab Market Research - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Argentinian Laboratory Market Analyzer

Marketing research for laboratory applications in Argentina. The application includes an array of technologies, from Lucene to Web Services. Mainly targeted to marketing research departments running inside drug laboratories, but also used by other health care professionals and institutions.

Analysis can be done from different points of view, such as symptoms treated, scientific names, commercial names, and there is an on-line connection to current prices on the market.

Cognative Bayesian Network Architecture - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Cognative Bayesian Network Architecture IDE

Management Sciences Inc specializes in prognostic health management and cognitive applications for embedded devices and the desktop.

Cognative Bayesian Network Architecture (CBNX) is a logic programming language that allows users to reduce exponential problems such as Markov models and dynamic Bayesian networks to linear time.

The CBNX IDE a cognative modeling IDE on top of the NetBeans Platform, using the Generic Languages Framework, Projects API/UI, and MultiView API to display causal relationships in data.


Microchip - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Microchip MPLAB

MPLAB X IDE (interview here) is the Microchip customer's window into Microchip's PIC microcontrollers embedded in their designs. The MPLAB X IDE seamlessly covers Microchip's entire portfolio of more than 700 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers. The differences between these devices are massive, from a tiny 6-pin, 8-bit microcontroller that could fit under your fingernail, to a huge 32-bit microcontroller. Yet, the MPLAB X IDE provides a consistent and supportive environment in which to debug our customers' original, creative works of software that differentiate their products.

HEIDE - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


HEIDE is an IDE for a multiprocessor microcontroller platform named HElabor. The HElabor Multiprocessor Platform is conceived and developed at the Electronic Engineering department of La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.

Cadet - click to enlarge   commercial/private


CADET (Corrective Actions and Defect Events Tracking) is an internal application at ON Semiconductor. It collects defect information and is used to plan corrective actions relating to ON Semiconductor production.

PMC Sierra Executor - click to enlarge   commercial/private

PMC Sierra Validation Test Executor

PMC-Sierra is a leading provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access, fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers, and fiber access gateway equipment.

At PMC-Sierra, system validation tests for storage area network protocol chips are executed and analyzed via 'Executor' an application built on top of the NetBeans Platform.

PMC Sierra TestBase - click to enlarge   commercial/private

PMC Sierra Validation TestBase

PMC-Sierra is a leading provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access, fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers, and fiber access gateway equipment.

At PMC-Sierra, system validation tests for storage area network protocol chips are tested via 'TestBase' an application built on top of the NetBeans Platform.


Experian - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Experian Banking Software

Experian provides tools and support for the financial sector, involving tasks such as managing credit risk, fraud prevention, and debt collections.

Read about how Experian handles Enterprise Financial Management on the NetBeans Platform in this NetBeans DZone interview.

BL Ekonomi - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

BL Ekonomi

BL Ekonomi by Bjorn Lunden Information AB is an accounting solution created in Sweden.

Wherewolf - click to enlarge   commercial/private


WhereWolf is a NetBeans Platform based management console for Sucden Financial's STAR futures and options trading system, built on a scalable service oriented architecture with Java and Jini (Apache River) technology.

Chartsy - click to enlarge   open/free


Chartsy is a free, open source stock charting, screening, and trading platform built on the NetBeans Platform.

Its modular architecture allows traders to add their own datafeeds, indicators, overlays, and annotation modules.

Swap Trader - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

SkyRoad Swap Trader

SkyRoad Swap Trader provides consolidated real-time analytics for the rates trading complex including CCP, traditional OTC and listed products.

Elasticia - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Elasticia is the Nordic Growth Market's (NGM) next generation trading system. NGM operates the Nordic Derivatives eXchange (NDX), a leading Scandinavian retail market, with over 2000 listed investment products like warrants, certificates, and mini futures.

Stock Trader Game - click to enlarge   open/free

Stock Trader Game

Tom Wheeler's stock trading game is an example of the concepts he covers in his article Building A Complete NetBeans Platform Application.

When you begin playing the game, you're given a limited amount of money and the goal is to buy low and sell high in order to build your fortune. Stories off the wire that affect the price of stock and are published at the beginning of each trading day.

More information is available from the Building A Complete NetBeans Platform Application article.

Orange Billing - click to enlarge   commercial/private


PowerRate, by Orange Objects in Wurzburg, Germany, is a rating & billing framework created on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Read more about PowerRate.

Tocantins - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Tocantins Public Financing Auditor

Tocantins Public Financing Auditor is created in Brazil, by Paulo Canedo and a team of developers, working for the Tribunal de Contas do Estado do Tocantins, a state in Brazil. All the financial management related to the state is done in this NetBeans Platform application.

CashForward - click to enlarge   open/free


CashForward is just not your ordinary, cookie-cutter household budget software. Born of frustration with existing household financial tools, CashForward provides intuitive ways to track household cash flow and to create and compare spending plans.

Although built to offer ease of use for first-time budgeters, CashForward will offer longtime money management software users an intuitive and simple interface for handling family finances.

GrisbiGraphs - click to enlarge   open/free


GrisbiGraphs is a free reporting application for a personal accounting application called Grisbi. GrisbiGraphs imports Grisbi files (*.gsb) into an embedded database and then generates graphs and statistics to help the users keeping track of their finances:

AIOTrade - click to enlarge   open/free


AIOTrade (formerly Humai Trader Platform) is a free, open-source stock technical analysis platform. The tool's pluggable architecture is ideal for extensions such as indicators and charts.

AIOTrade - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Creative Trading Platform

Creative Trading Platform was created after a stock trading loss, where trading was then taken seriously, and technical analysis was done. As part of the learning process, an application was made to make trade setups, which led to this rich client platform development created on top of AIOTrade. The application is not open source due to license restrictions with regard to the stock data provider.

Network Management & Communications Systems

Network Management Systems - click to enlarge   commercial/private

ND SatCom Network Management Systems

With over 25 years of experience in the satellite networks and systems business ND SatCom has grown to become one of the leading companies in its field.

ND SatCom's Network Management System for defence networks, consisting of 1116 NetBeans modules on the NetBeans Platform, is based on an open and hierarchical architecture according to international standards. The System Management module performs network planning, resource management and configuration management on the system level, where the system can consist of several networks.

Maltego - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application. It offers you data mining and information gathering features, as well as the representation of this information in an easy to understand format. Coupled with its graphing libraries, Maltego allows you to identify key relationships between information and determine previously unknown relationships between them.

Sypherlink Harvester - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Sypherlink Harvester

Harvester, by Sypherlink, automatically discovers key information, including metadata, database statistics, sample data and data profiling metrics from a variety of data sources, including relational, non-relational and non-traditional data sources.

CiteLink - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


CiteLink, by MindCite, is a tool for Ontology Exploration, Text and Link Analysis. It provides a comprehensive suite of investigative analysis tools for Intelligence Officers & Investigators. CiteLink enables collection, visualization, querying, analysis, management and sharing of intelligence information to solve cases based on the data integration from various sources.

Gephi - click to enlarge   open/free


Gephi is an open-source software for visualizing and analyzing large networks graphs. Gephi uses a 3D render engine to display graphs in real-time and speed up the exploration.

Semtinel - click to enlarge   open/free

Semtinel Thesaurus Analyzer

Semtinel, created at the University Library Mannheim, is a research prototype for the analysis of thesauri in order to support their semi-automatic creation, modification, and maintenance. Thesauri and other hierarchical concept schemes, like taxonomies, are widely used in the library field to classify and describe the subject of resources (like books). The maintenance of these thesauri is cumbersome and time-consuming and questions about the quality of a thesaurus and its suitability for a specific purpose are not easy to answer.

Action Science Explorer - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Action Science Explorer

Action Science Explorer (ASE), created at the University of Maryland, is a research prototype meant to provide inspiration for developers: the ASE demonstrates the value of integrating reference management, statistics, citation context extraction, natural language summarization for single and multiple documents, filters to interactively select key papers, and network visualization to see citation patterns and identify clusters.

Gephi - click to enlarge   open/free New


Kuwaiba aims to be an enterprise grade open source Network Inventory System (which covers some aspects of NGOSS), built on top of the NetBeans Platform and Java EE 6, focused on scalability, reliability, usability and interoperability.

BTIPSMClient - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

BTI Server Manager GUI

The application is a GUI front end for BTI System's proNX Server Manager product, which is part of the proNX Management Suite. It provides a modular and scalable management solution for BTI networks and integrates seamlessly into any operating environment, providing maximum flexibility and ease-of-use.

AirIT - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Alipay Data Integrator

Alipay is China's leading third-party online payment platform. It provides a simple, secure, and speedy way for millions of individuals and businesses to make and receive payments on the internet. Alipay Data Integrator is a data warehouse tool developed by Alipay on top of the NetBeans Platform.

CCRM - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

CCRM's Radio Monitoring Toolkit Platform

CCRM's Radio Monitoring Toolkit Platform combines a variety of radio software tools into a single application. The C.C.R.M. (Centre de Controle des radiocommunications de services Mobiles - Centre Jean Marique) is an international (I.T.U.), European (C.E.P.T.), and national (B.I.P.T.) radio monitoring centre located in Belgium.

AirMosaic - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


AirMosaic is an application on the NetBeans Platform for controling Prisma's UeSIM, which is a multi mobile simulator. The UeSIM is a server with antennas able to connect to a base station and simulate a population of mobiles doing some basic or complex Test Procedures.

SDR Waveform Analysis Tool - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

SDR Waveform Analysis Tool

SDR Waveform Analysis Tool, by DataSoft, measures the complexity of waveform software (typically C++ code) and compliance of waveform/platform software against Software Communication Architecture (SCA) standards. It is intended to provide an assessment of portability of waveforms to new platforms.

DataSoft Interface Verification Application  - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

DataSoft Interface Verification Application

DataSoft Interface Verification Application, by DataSoft, provides the user an easy way to define and organize APIs and compare a standard APIs against a vendor API. In essence it is a much more thorough version of the Beyond Compare tool in that it actually breaks down software into its lexical structure to find differences.

Siemens Global Footprint Simulator - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Siemens Global Footprint Simulator

Siemens Global Footprint Simulator (GFS) optimizes strategic supply chain planning over a 3 to 5 year horizon. GFS captures all relevant supply chain parameters like, e.g., the structure of the supply chain network (e.g., suppliers, factories, markets), production costs (fixed and variable costs), and transport (e.g., rail, road, ship) as well as other costs (e.g., duties).

SysUpTime - click to enlarge   commercial/private


SysUpTime is a distributed network/systems management product. It provides users out-of-box capabilities to efficiently and proactively manage any network of any size.

Nuance - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Nuance V-Builder

The Nuance Application Environment facilitates the creation of applications that can improve the caller experience, increase automation rates and drive down development costs 30% or more.

Nuance Application Environment is comprised of two components, Nuance V-Builder 3.0 and Nuance V-Serverâ„¢, and includes a host of features and capabilities that facilitate creation of applications by both IVR and Web developers.

Nokia NetAct - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Nokia NetAct

Nokia offers a complete solution for managing mobile networks and end-user services, called Nokia NetAct™, ranging from control-room software for 24/7/365 monitoring of the network to software for graphical optimization.Nokia NetAct™ has been delivered to more than 300 customers around the world. With the introduction of the NetBeans Platform as base for its tool development, Nokia hopes to boost the network operator's efficiency in carrying out network management tasks just in the same way as integrated development environments (IDEs) boost software development productivity.

Incomit - click to enlarge   commercial/private No longer being developed

Incomit Movade Development Studio

Incomit's Movade handles application access to telecom networks. It provides full support for the OSA/Parlay standard.

SpiderWeb - click to enlarge   commercial/private


SpiderWeb is an intelligent network configuration tool. SpiderWeb provides a user interface to help users create configurations for routers and switches. Nowadays, networks include increasingly complex technologies, such as voice over IP (voip) or wireless (WLANs). SpiderWeb largely automates and streamlines the task of configuring a network. SpiderWeb will generate the required configuration of the routers and switches based on specific parameters relevant to the user network and policies.

Amdocs Template Builder - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Amdocs Template Builder

Amdocs Template Builder allows Amdocs ChangingWorlds customers to easily customize & maintain the presentation of their mobile portals. Template Builder is created on the NetBeans Platform and consists of a GUI that allows developers to generate XSL without having to write any XSL by abstracting away the logic from the presentation via easy-to-use drag-and-droppable modules.

Retail Systems & Document Management

Sepix Sales System - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Sepix Sales System

The Sepix Sales System is a customer relationship management system for sales managers on the road. At this stage, the application is running on the NetBeans Platform with a fully functional module for mapping and routing.

The application offers a map display, works as a route planner, and is capable of displaying data from a database as geolocations. You can display any type of graphical layer over the map, with sales territories or any kind of POIs, such as speed limit zones.

Read more about Porting a Sales System to the NetBeans Platform in this NetBeans DZone interview.

EMF - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Event Management Framework

Event Management Framework, by CDC Software, is a tool for building efficiencies into your supply chain, improving relationships with customers and partners, and ensuring proactive responses to critical issues before they become emergencies.

SSNNotify - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


SSNNotify intends to be a replacement for the now discontinued Amazon Services Order Notifier (ASON). Sometime during 2010, Amazon announced that it was discontinuing support for ASON and would stop distributing new copies.

Amazon Web Service Administrator - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Amazon Web Service Administrator

Amazon Web Service Administrator is a desktop client for managing your AWS (Amazon Web Services) resources. This currently includes the ability to manage your EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) resources and EBS volumes.

J-ISIS - click to enlarge   open/free


J-ISIS (interview with Project Lead) is a Java application that is being created by UNESCO on the NetBeans Platform. It will replace CDS/ISIS for Windows, which is a generalized information storage and retrieval system for bibliographic information. CDS/ISIS is a menu-driven generalized Information Storage and Retrieval system designed specifically for the computerized management of structured non-numerical databases. One of the major advantages offered by the generalized design of the system is that CDS/ISIS is able to manipulate an unlimited number of databases, each of which may consist of completely different data elements.

UNHCR - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

UNHCR Refugee Assistance Management System

UNHCR Refugee Assistance Management System (RAMS) is an application for managing refugee assistance between the UNHCR and its partners in urban areas. Features such as a dashboard of the available budget and management of assistance based on refugee roles are provided.

KLISS - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Kansas Legislative Information Systems and Services


Legend is legislative software created by Propylon for the Kansas legislature on top of Propylon's Legislative Workbench, which is a comprehensive set of business applications that support the running of legislatures.

Legend - click to enlarge   commercial/private



Legend is legislative software created by Propylon for the North Dakota legislature on top of Propylon's Legislative Workbench, which is a comprehensive set of business applications that support the running of legislatures.

Joeffice - click to enlarge   open/free



Joeffice is an open source Java office suite, with support for working with text documents, spreadsheets, charts, and more.

Latex Studio - click to enlarge   open/free

Open LaTeX Studio


Open LaTeX Studio is an open source lightweight LaTeX editor, with LaTeX code syntax highlighting, code completion and live preview of the document in edition. It enables PDF files to be generated from the editor and provides Dropbox support, by enabling users to connect the application with a Dropbox account, saving and uploading files to the remote directories, and providing version control of the remote files.

jadice AFPViewer - click to enlarge   commercial/private

jadice AFPviewer


The jadice AFPviewer by levigo solutions is a tool built on the NetBeans Platform for analyzing and displaying print data streams. Being a viewer for AFP data streams, it displays these streams in their original appearance and shows meta data in a structured way. This structured displaying of meta data makes information fields with processing comments visible to the user. These are so called NOP fields with print commands, comments, pictures or TLE fields with short textual commands. jadice AFPviewer can be used for all document sizes.

Control Precios - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Control Precios


Control Precios is a tool developed in Nicaragua for creating price lists for paint stores.

Russian Visa - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Russian Visa Processor


Russian visa processing application.

Nova-Euronics Electronics ERP - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Nova-Euronics Electronics ERP

Nova-Euronics Electronics ERP covers the entire active and passive cycle of Nova-Euronics, their over 30 shops and their affiliates. The provider of the application, New Genesys, in Italy, didn't like the idea of adopting a web client for this kind of application: their main concern was the point of sale user interface, i.e., a network outage on Christmas eve can cost much more than the entire application. They needed offline operability, local caching, and the like. And the user interface had to be really fast.

Zirius ERP - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Zirius ERP

Zirius ERP is a Norwegian ERP system that provides solutions for accounting, project management, storage handling, invoicing, asset control (rental, deprecation etc), document archives, document workflow, and purchase handling. Zirius ERP is used by, among others, accounting agencies and entrepreneurial businesses in all parts of Norway.

Infotech Application Station - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Infotech Application Station

Infotech Application Station provides RS232 ports for Ingenico and its point of sales terminals to connect to the application and to provide them with software and configuration files. It provides for very common operations in the banking terminal maintenance market. The application acts as maintenance software, used by back office users. Its usages range from terminal deployment to backup and maintenance operations.

Argentinian Book Publisher - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Argentinian Book Publisher Manager

A shipment application from Argentina, this is the user interface for a bigger Java EE application managing orders, inventory and shipment tracking both between branches and to customers. Built for a publisher distributing books around the country.

MFG-BI - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Manufacturing BI

Manufacturing BI is a NetBeans Platform application that produces business intelligence reports for work orders, work in process scheduling, inventory control and lot tracking. It uses the open source iReport Designer to create reports and the iReport Viewer to view them.

EMS - click to enlarge   commercial/private

CSO E-Mail Management System

CSO E-Mail Management System (EMS) by Artificial Solutions in Stockholm, Sweden, is a commercial contact center application that helps organizations in optimizing their Customer Service. EMS, an application boosted by natural language based technology, focuses primarily on the management of issues and incoming e-mails.

Artificial Solutions Inventory Management System - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Artificial Solutions Inventory Management System

Artificial Solutions in Stockholm, Sweden, has created a NetBeans Platform application to work with their internal computer hardware, server and virtual machine inventory system.

Artificial Solutions Project Management System - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Artificial Solutions Project Management System

Artificial Solutions in Stockholm, Sweden, has internal Time Reporting, Project Management and Resource Allocation systems based on the NetBeans Platform, while they've worked on quite a few different prototypes and mock-ups, using the NetBeans Platform as a natural base, using a wide array of the different APIs provided.

myWMS - click to enlarge   open/free


myWMS by LinogistiX is an open source project and modular framework for the creation of Warehouse Management Systems

FarmLinx - click to enlarge   commercial/private


The FarmLinx Solution from FieldLinx provides Agri-consultants with a set of smart tools that enable them to easily record and retrieve accurate information while on-site and easily generate powerful report advice for clients.

Dog Daycare - click to enlarge   commercial/private

PAWS Profit & Loss Simulator

The PAWS Profit & Loss Simulator is an easy to use tool that allows you to realistically simulate all of the financial aspects of running a Dog Daycare before you even get started.

Calculate your gross profit, net profit, expenses, overhead, taxes, daycare income, and dogs needed per day to reach a net profit goal. You may also add any additional income and expense categories that you choose.

iCadSuite - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Delcam iCadSuite

Delcam iCadSuite takes a flattened 2D geometry from a shoe design system and works out costs to produce a pair of these shoes. Depending upon the material (e.g., leather or synthetic materials), it does assessment to determine how many parts can be produced from a given piece of material.

Invoice Manager - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Invoice Manager

Invoice Manager is a simple and open source MySQL database driven invoice manager. It keeps track of all your invoices for your customers.

Mopis - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Mopis Client

Mopis Client from Brazil is part of a commercial solution for mobile payment services. Both a Java ME and a Java SE client are available as part of this solution.

Church Help - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Church Help

A human resource management system, built by Solomon Apenya in Ghana, for church administration. It includes in-built reporting features.

Quotimation - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Quotimation (interview) is a powerful Quoting and Business Management tool for the Smash Repair industry in Sydney, Australia. It is ideal for a single estimator in a small shop, and it works perfectly in a huge shop with a dozen estimators and other users. It works nicely on your existing PCs.

Technically, it is a distributed Java Swing desktop application based on the NetBeans Platform. It utilises many libraries, including Hibernate, JFreeChart, JasperReports, lots of Apache including Axis2, JGoodies, XOM, SwingX, XStream, and so on. It uses PostgreSQL as its database.

Construction Defect Tracking - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Defect Tracking for Construction Sites

Defect tracking application for construction sites in Argentina. Deployed on tablet-like devices, i.e., the team tried to build something that could be used with a "pen" in the field. Though originally for a construction site defect-tracking and completion analysis company, some effort has been made to make it more generic.

Fermax - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Fermax is a Spanish family company with headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 1949, the company specializes in designing, manufacturing and commercializing Audio/Video Door Entry and Access Control Systems.

Fermax is involved in the development and maintenance of fingerprint analysis desktop software on the NetBeans Platform, which connects to the fingerprinting hardware that Fermax manufactures.

Seges - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Seges Employee Attendance & Task Management System

A system created at the Seges consultancy in Bratislava, Slovakia, using the NetBeans Platform, together with Maven and Spring.

More information is available here.

Pfiffimat - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Pfiffimat is a program for managing courses. It was created to simplify the Pfiffikus course program at a school in Michelbach, Germany.

MemorizEasy - click to enlarge   open source


MemorizEasy is a tool that helps in learning vocabularies.

i-mail - click to enlarge   open/free


i-mail is an e-mail marketing automator that lets you embed almost any web page in an email and send it to a list of recipients (defined in a CSV file). The embed process includes encoding images in base64 and including them as attached files (thus avoiding the "Load images" button in most mail clients), and fixing any url in the html body so links, forms and references to css files will be maintained.

TimeKeeper - click to enlarge   open/free


TimeKeeper is a time recording, accounting, and reporting application designed for the special needs of consultants and programmers in distributed environments. It supports projects of any structure with an unlimited amount of involved companies and project members.

TimeKeeper uses a local MySQL database server which is automatically started and stopped when the application starts or stops. Therefore, a user can work with the application independent of the current network connections. For every project, a project database server is set up, with which the user synchronizes data with one mouse click, if a LAN connection is available.

PCM - click to enlarge   open/free

Personal Contact Manager

Personal Contact Manager (PCM) is an electronic Personal Contact Manager (address book). It will allow you to keep track of all your contacts nicely and easily. The application has a modular design which allows you to enable or disable features. This means that PCM can have as many or as little functionality as you need. PCM is a modular application allowing for easy maintenance and additional features to be added. The application is written entirely in Java and makes use of some of the most recent features available with in Java today.

Graphic Design & Image Manipulation

Imagine - click to enlarge   open/free


Imagine is an image editor application. Originally written to be a tutorial for the NetBeans Platform on how to properly write an extensible application, it is a functional image editor with the potential to grow similar functionality to Gimp etc. Tools, filters, brushes, effects, fills and much more are pluggable.

blueMarine - click to enlarge   open/free


BlueMarine is an open-source application for digital photo workflow. The blueMarine project provides you with an all-in-one tool for managing your photos, from the shoot up to archiving and beyond. BlueMarine is expandable, platform-independent, and includes specific support for different photographers' communities, as well as the latest technologies.

Citra FX Image Filter - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Citra FX Photo Effects

Citra FX Photo Effects is a digital image editor from Kiyut Software Indonesia. The application comes with many built-in filters, including color adjustment, contrast, exposure, water ripples, emboss, etc.

Sketsa SVG Graphics Editor - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Sketsa SVG Editor

Sketsa SVG Editor is a SVG graphics editor from Kiyut Software Indonesia. This cross-platform vector drawing application with various tools for optimizing content creation, giving designers unsurpassed support for creativity. The Tools include a property palette, a source editor, a defs editor, SVG specific shape tools, transformation tools, and additional illustration tools. It uses SVG as a native file format. Sketsa is based on the NetBeans Platform 5.5.

Ekspos - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Ekspos Image Viewer

Ekspos is a platform independent Java image viewer Kiyut Software Indonesia. It supports most popular image format: JPEG, PNG, and GIF, where an additional image format can be added through a Java ImageIO plugin. It consists of 2 parts: a shell browser and a viewer. The Shell browser allows you to navigate your image collection and you'll be able to browse images in tree, detail, list, icon and thumbnail view. The viewer provide a progressive view of images with zoom and pan capability.

Music, Games, & Entertainment

jMonkeyEngine - click to enlarge   open/free New

jMonkeyEngine SDK

jMonkeyEngine is a free, open source 3D game engine for Java developers. jMonkeyEngine comes bundled with the jMonkeyEngine SDK, a software development kit built on top of the NetBeans Platform. The SDK sets up the classpath and build scripts so you can start working on your project right away. The game development tools in the SDK assist novice and advanced game developers when they write code, lay out the scene, design effects, or convert files.

Praxis - click to enlarge   open/free New


PraxisLIVE is a Java-based modular framework for working with video, images, audio and other media. It has a particular emphasis on live creative play - everything should be configurable and connectable at runtime.

JSound - click to enlarge   open/free New


JSound is a sound equalizer, letting you convert your audio format, listen to web radio, show music representations with spectrum and VU metter. Set equalization in played music and apply effects. Feel the difference and change your experience when listening to music.

blue - click to enlarge   open/free


blue (interview with lead developer here) is a music composer on top of Csound. It includes many features, such as a mixer and effects system, a GUI builder tool for creating synthesizer interfaces, embedded Jython processing of musical scripts, and more.

JPlay - click to enlarge   open/free


jPlay is an open source desktop application for managing and playing music. You can use JPlay to manage a catalogue of music media, files, and broadcasting streams, and you are able to play music with it.

JFugue Music NotePad - click to enlarge   open/free

JFugue Music NotePad

The JFugue Music NotePad is an open-source project aiming to provide a simple stand-alone application for composing music and generating MIDI files visually. The underlying functionality provided by this application comes from its reliance on the JFugue API, a simple yet powerful set of classes for playing and saving MIDI files. The user interface that is built on top of this API is based on the NetBeans Platform.

Music IDE - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Music IDE

Music IDE is an application by Peter Blemel that helps children to learn to program.

Project XEMO - click to enlarge   open/free No longer being developed

Project XEMO

Project Xemo (eXtensible Electronic Music Object architecture) is an open-source, modular software environment for the development and delivery of interactive music, audio and sound applications.

MP3M - click to enlarge   open/free

MP3 Manager

MP3 Manager is a music player created by Kai Toedter on top of the NetBeans Platform. It is a showcase of many of the NetBeans Platform features. Intentionally Kai did not focus on business logic, that's why he chose to create a very simple application, a little MP3 Manager.

InfoTerminal - click to enlarge   commercial/private

InfoTerminal Configurator

InfoTerminal Configurator is used in French cinemas for managing the programming and display of information about movies.

SmartBlobz - click to enlarge   commercial/private


SmartBlobz, a P2P client, provides a unique way to share. Aimed initially at the consumer market, SmartBlobz enables everyone to share what they want with the people they want to share with.

Taking the best elements of Podcasting, peer-to-peer and blogging and wrapping them into an interface that any computer user can understand, SmartBlobz allows people to share photographs, documents, movies and any other digital asset either in secure, private groups or publicly, all with the simplicity of drag-and-drop.

Alkitab Bible Study - click to enlarge   open/free

Alkitab Bible Study

Alkitab is a free open-source Bible Study tool from Kiyut Software Indonesia. Alkitab features parallel view, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries, and daily devotions. It also comes with powerful search capability.

World of warcraft - click to enlarge   open/free

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft game. More information is available here.

BlackJack Cipher - click to enlarge   commercial/private No longer being developed

BlackJack Cipher

Cipher is a stand alone and non-invasive real-time tracking mechanism designed to assist a player in making decisions relative to the game of blackjack that are based on hard data rather than on a hunch.

More information is available here.

ThinkingRock - click to enlarge   open/free


ThinkingRock is a free, platform-independent Java application for collecting and processing your thoughts. This simple and easy-to-use tool follows the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology from the best-selling book by David Allen.

Software Development

Java HotSpot Client Compiler Visualizer - click to enlarge   open/free

Java HotSpot Client Compiler Visualizer

Java HotSpot Client Compiler Visualizer is a tool which displays the graphs of the client compiler. It records intermediate states of the graph during the compilation of a method. The user can then navigate through the graph and apply rule-based filters that change the appearance of the graph.

The tool calculates an approximation of the control flow to cluster the nodes of the graph into blocks. Using a visual representation of the data structures speeds up debugging and helps understand the code of the compiler.

VisualVM - click to enlarge   open/free

Oracle Java VisualVM

Oracle Java VisualVM is a light-weight visual tool that combines a variety of existing JDK software tools for application profiling and monitoring. Use it to monitor a Java application's memory consumption and threads, profile performance and memory allocation, analyze thread dumps, heap dumps, core dumps, and much more. Additionally, you can install various plugins from the VisualVM Plugin Center including JVM Capabilities overview, Kill App, and System Tray. Check the VisualVM plugin page for more plugins, such as the BTrace Plugin and the Thread Dump Analyzer.

NetGuardians - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Software EKG

Software EKG (EKG is German for ECG, i.e., "electrocardiogram") is a data performance analyzer. With it, you can perform offline analyses of data recorded by the collector application or any tool collecting performance data in tabular CSV format. We're currently able to collect numerical data from a variety of sources.

NetGuardians - click to enlarge   commercial/private


The NG-Screener Log Management appliance, by NetGuardians, has been developed from the "bottom-up" to meet the real world operational needs of IT administrators and security officers.

NetGuardians are multi-award winning specialists in Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) technology, providing cost-effective solutions to improve IT performance, monitor systems, and safeguard security.

Cisco Localisation Toolkit - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Cisco Localisation Toolkit

Cisco Localisation Toolkit is an extensible, product agnostic, wizard-like tool that can localise any internationalised product. It empowers users out in the field (typically Systems Engineers and Technical Marketing Engineers) to create and maintain localised products themselves without any knowledge of localisation whatsoever.

Cache Monitor - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Cache Monitor

Cache Monitor is a standalone SQL development tool for working with Intersystems Cache.

SQL Browser - click to enlarge   commercial/private

SQL Browser

SQL Browser is a Transact-SQL tool which helps understanding, editing, debugging and documenting stored procedures. It also has a server monitoring feature, as well as a TDS capture feature.

Java ME SDK - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Java ME Platform SDK is a state-of-the-art toolbox for developing mobile applications. It integrates CLDC, CDC and Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) technology into one SDK.

Java ME SDK 3.0 is the successor to the popular Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 and Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC. It provides device emulation, a standalone development environment, and a set of utilities for rapid development of Java ME applications.

For more information, go here.

Oracle GlassFish Performance Monitor - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Oracle GlassFish Performance Monitor

The Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Server is a comprehensive support offering for GlassFish, the leading open-source platform for building and deploying applications and services. The Enterprise Manager delivers improved management and performance monitoring features, including a performance monitor: The Performance Monitor is a closed-source product from Sun built on top of VisualVM 1.1 and the NetBeans 6.5 Platform.

Learn more...

Oracle Solaris Studio - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Oracle Solaris Studio

Oracle Solaris Studio is a free comprehensive C, C++, and Fortran tool suite for both Oracle Solaris and Linux operating systems that accelerates the development of scalable, secure, and reliable enterprise applications.

Oracle Solaris Studio Dbxtool - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Oracle Solaris Studio Dbxtool

Oracle Solaris Studio Dbxtool is an interactive, source-level, post-mortem and real-time command-line debugging tool. You can use it to run a program in a controlled manner and to inspect the state of a stopped program.

Oracle Solaris Studio DLight - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Oracle Solaris Studio DLight

Oracle Solaris Studio DLight is a highly powerful application and system profiling tool which utilizes Solaris DTrace.

NetBeans IDE - click to enlarge   open/free

Oracle NetBeans IDE

Oracle NetBeans IDE is a free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers. You get all the tools you need to create professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications with Java, HTML5, C/C++, and even dynamic languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and Groovy.

Platypus Platform - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Platypus Platform

Platypus Platform by Alternative-Soft in Russia is a JavaScript software platform for building enterprise applications. Platypus Application Designer allows you to develop the structure of database applications, reusable SQL queries, as well as client and server applications.

Lua Glider - click to enlarge   commercial/private New

Lua Glider

The Corona SDK lets you build rich mobile apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Nook. The Corona SDK uses Lua as its programming language. Lua Glider has been created by M.Y. Developers LLC as an advanced IDE for Corona SDK professionals and beginners alike.

PLC-Prog - click to enlarge   commercial/private New


PLC-Prog is the first tool for PLC programming to enable a completely brand independent and user-friendly object oriented approach, resulting in a reduction of development cost and an increase in the reliability of developed programs.

UDDI Browser - click to enlarge   open/free

UDDI Browser

UDDI Browser is a NetBeans Platform application that enables connections to public or private UDDI registries, enables publishing of business and service information, as well as manipulating, browsing, and searching the published contents of the registry.

iReport - click to enlarge   commercial/private


JasperSoft's iReport (interview) is a powerful graphical design tool, which uses the JasperReports reporting library, for report designers and power users. iReport can meet the most complex reporting demands, such as creating print-ready output with absolute pixel-perfect positioning of report elements, and complex multi-component and multi-data source reports using sub-reports.

iReport is available as a standalone reporting tool as well as a native plug-in for NetBeans. Reports and ad hoc report components designed in iReport may be deployed to JasperServer, a report server accessible by business users from a web browser.

Fiorano Studio - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Fiorano Studio

Fiorano Studio offers a complete solution for implementing SOA using Service Components as Lego Blocks.

Fiorano chose NetBeans as the base platform for developing next generation of its toolset, to build upon the strong foundation of NetBeans. The open platform APIs allow easy extension and customization of the platform as well, which was particularly important to implement advanced BPEL-based process composition tools.

Hadoop - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop

Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop is a map-reduce development environment based on the NetBeans Platform. It makes it easy to create, understand, and debug map-reduce applications based on Hadoop, without requiring development-time access to a map-reduce cluster.

The studio provides a real-time workflow view of a map-reduce job, which displays the individual inputs, outputs, and interactions between the phases of a map-reduce job. The workflow view of a job updates in real time with the developer's code changes. It then generates Java sources and compiles them into a binary JAR file, which can be run on a normal Hadoop cluster.

Spikeflow - click to enlarge   commercial/private


Spikeflow is an application for building and executing advanced web forms, spanning many pages. We have built-in support for many different kinds of components, validations, digital signing and connectors to back-end systems. We are targeting organizations who have a lot of paper-based forms and want to convert them into e-services. The target user for Spikeflow Creator is a non-programmer.

Epictetus - click to enlarge   open/free

Epictetus Database Manager

Epictetus (interview) is a free cross-platform database tool. Currently supports Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Firebird, HsqlDB, and H2. The latest version is 0.3.3 Beta.

CERTivity KeyStores Manager - click to enlarge   commercial New

CERTivity KeyStores Manager

CERTivity KeyStores Manager provides a natural experience for managing and using KeyStores, Certificates, KeyPairs (Private Key, Certificates Chain), Secret Keys in various formats.

DbWrench - click to enlarge   commercial


DbWrench (interview) is a database design and synchronization software application that was developed to be easy to use and simple to learn while still being very functional, productive, and reasonably priced. It is 100% Java, created on top of the NetBeans Platform, so it is able to run on a wide range of operating systems.

Piraso - click to enlarge   open/free New


Piraso is a development tool for debugging and analyzing request context log information captured from a supported Java web application. Piraso supports SQL and Log4j context monitoring.

JSwat - click to enlarge   open/free


JSwat is a standalone, graphical Java debugger front-end. JSwat is open-source software and is freely available in both binary and source code form. Its features include sophisticated breakpoints; colorized source code display with code navigator; movable display panels showing threads, call stack, visible variables, and loaded classes; command interface for more advanced features; and Java-like expression evaluation, including method invocation.

Visual OSGi - click to enlarge   open/free

Visual OSGi

Graphic OSGi bundle connector by Eppleton in Munich, Germany.

Kojo - click to enlarge   open/free


Kojo is a learning environment for children to learn to program. It is implemented in Scala and the user language taught by the application is also Scala. Kojo is based on ideas derived from Logo, Processing, and The Geometer's Sketchpad.

Fantom IDE - click to enlarge   open/free

Fantom IDE

Fantom IDE is an IDE for the Fantom language, based on the NetBeans Platform. It provides out of the box support for Fantom as well as for Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, Subversion, and Mercurial.

Saddle - click to enlarge   open/free


Saddle is an open source NetBeans-based graphical frontend to configure the Mule ESB. It allows you to graphically create, view, or edit the configuration files of Mule v2.x and 3.x. You can even convert a v2.x configuration to a v3.x configuration.

OMiSCID GUI - click to enlarge   open/free


OMiSCID GUI is an extensible graphical user interface designed to visualize, configure and interact with O3MiSCID services.

X3D Edit - click to enlarge   open/free


X3D-Edit, by Don Brutzman, et al, from the Naval PostGraduate School in Monterey, California, is a tool for editing, authoring, and validating X3D scenes. X3D-Edit is written on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Poseidon for UML - click to enlarge   commercial/private No longer being developed

Poseidon for UML

Gentleware's Poseidon for UML is a fully-fledged UML CASE tool from Germany.

It evolved from the open-source project ArgoUML and turned it into a world-class modeling tool with over 1,200,000 copies distributed to over 100 countries. The strong focus on usability makes it the easiest tool to learn and work with. It is delivered in several editions to meet different needs of different users.

Inode - click to enlarge   commercial/private

Inode Mobile Interactive Application Designer

Inode's application is used for the design of application animations and transitions on a mobile device. It can be seen as a morph between AutoCAD, Flash, Photoshop, Corel Draw and PowerPoint targeted for a mobile device. It is used to produce presentations, animations, sprites, game levels, transitions, etc, via the design of objects, copying, cloning, and so on, in a very visual way.

Bright Builder - click to enlarge   commercial/private

BrightBuilder Mobile Application Designer

The BrightBuilder Mobile Application Designer, by Bright Software, is a rapid application development tool for building and deploying mobile enterprise applications. It provides a single point to design, implement, test and deploy applications using a modular user interface. It lets you use drag and drop to create form-based applications, which can be done by even non or inexperienced programmers. It helps to reduce the skill set and the application development effort drastically.

TagsMe GUI - click to enlarge   commercial/private

TagsMe GUI

TagsMe is an application development platform for portable devices (principally PDAs and mobile telephones), based in XML, with a simple and intuitive syntax. The TagsMe GUI editor is a complete development environment for TagsMe.

MC4J JMX Console - click to enlarge   commercial/private

MC4J JMX Console

MC4J is a project to create management software for J2EE application servers and other Java applications. The MC4J JMX Console is a Swing application for remote monitoring and administration using Java Management Extensions (JMX). It includes support for all major application servers and advanced features such as live attribute graphing and customizable dashboards. It is designed to utilize the JMX specification to connect to and introspect information within supported servers and applications. It provides the ability to browse existing managed beans (MBeans), update configurations, monitor operation and execute tasks.

Scheme Editor - click to enlarge   open/free


LambdaBeans is an IDE for the Scheme programming language. With LambdaBeans, you can edit your Scheme source code (with syntax highlighting), store it in a source-code control system, run it, play with the Scheme REPL (read-eval-print-loop), read R5RS and SLIB manuals and, well, have fun programming with Scheme!

Sample Applications & Student Projects

Centibots - click to enlarge   student


Centibots, a.k.a. the "100 Robots Project", funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is aimed at developing technology to support the coordinated deployment of as many as 100 robots for missions such as urban surveillance.

Jamorea - click to enlarge   student


Student project for processing PDF documents so that they can be displayed on mobile phones.

For more information, go here.

Diver - click to enlarge   student

Diver Assistant

Diver Assistant, by Rafal Maslana from Warsaw in Poland, is an application for planning and recording dive-related information.

Also included are tools for diving instructors to show how decompression / diving tables work and to visualise how hyperoxic nitrox gas mixtures are used to breathe underwater.

It is open sourced here on Kenai.

Acorn - click to enlarge   student

Visual Acorn

Visual Acorn is a bioinformatics project on the NetBeans Platform. It is part of a larger project, called ACORN. ACORN, managed by Jacek Sroka (University of Warsaw) and Andrzej Kierzek (Surrey University), is a grid-based web server for constraint-based modeling and visualization of genome scale metabolic reaction networks.

The developer behind Visual Acorn is Mateusz Markowski from the Warsaw JUG. Visual Acorn enforces authentication, after which you can draw visualizations (pathway maps) of genome scale metabolic reaction network models. You can save these visualizations in a MySQL database on a sysbio3 server at Surrey University.

Ocaml IDE - click to enlarge   student

Ocaml IDE

Ocaml IDE by PhD student Pawel Boguszewski in Warsaw, Poland.

DWT - click to enlarge   student

Data Warehouse Test Tool

Data Warehouse Test Tool, by Maciej Mirski, arose after he played with CubicTest, an application for graphical design of GUI testing. Scenarios created using this tool can be executed using Watir or Selenium. Maciej started thinking: "Why don't we have a tool like that for Data Warehouse testing?" The tool forms the basis of his BSc thesis.

SODBeans - click to enlarge   student


Sonified Omniscient Debugger in NetBeans (SODBeans) is a NetBeans module suite designed to enhance accessibility for the blind in modern programming environments. It is currently being developed by students and researchers at Central Washington University, Washington State University, and Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville.

For more information, go to the related homepage and this interview.

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Administration Intelligence AG

Administration Intelligence AG, located in Wurzburg, Germany develops E-Procurement software for the public sector.

The NetBeans Platform modular architecture provides the ability to have an extended financial concept, meaning that customers must pay for every tendering-platform module they want to use.

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Analyzer is Java application for batch file analysis, created at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

The application was developed for XML data but it has no limitations in usage for other types, so it can generally work with any type of document. In addition, Analyzer provides download support which means that analyzing methods can ask for additional documents from the web.

For further information, go here.

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Project IRI

The goal of the IRI Project was to make a sensor monitoring application. We had to make two programs, a server and a client. Because we don't have a whole laboratory full of sensors at school, we had to simulate the sensors by generating random values within a certain parameter.

The generation of the random values had to be done on the server with a time interval of a few hundred milliseconds and the server needed to store these values. This itself sounds very doable until you realize that we had to simulate over 400 sensors each with aN interval of a few hundred milliseconds and that we had to store all of these values in the memory and not on the hard drive.

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Music Creator

The requirement for the Music Creator project was to use a dancing board as an input device for our program. Instead of creating a program where people can dance on, we decided to do the opposite.

By pressing the buttons on the dance board or keyboard you can create sounds. You are able to record those sounds. After making a couple of recordings you can arrange them on the recording tracks and play them as if they were one song.

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Chinese tangram game.

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DARPA Grand Challenge Vehicle Control

This project, an entrant in the DARPA Urban Challenge, was Matteo Di Giovinazzo's engineering thesis. It provides a UI for monitoring an unmanned vehicle.

The application is used to view data transmitted by telemetry from a Range Rover over 175 miles of desert terrain featuring natural and man-made obstacles.

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Portugol IDE

Portugol is a Portuguese programming language for classrooms.

The Portugol IDE has two main representations of an algorithm: flowchart and text.

For more information, go here.

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BotBeans is an application that allows a person without any programming skills to program a robot to do simple tasks.

For more information, go here.

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AgentSpotter is a multi-agent system (MAS) profiler & visualizer, created by Dinh Doan Van Bien for a Masters thesis at University College, Dublin.

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A sample application on the NetBeans Platform, by Rich Unger, used by beginners to the NetBeans Platform while learning about development workflow and API usage.

The application is bundled with NetBeans IDE and is found in the Project wizard's Samples category.

For more information, see the FeedReader Tutorial.

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A sample application on the NetBeans Platform, used by beginners to the NetBeans Platform while learning about development workflow and API usage.

The application is bundled with NetBeans IDE and is found in Project wizard's Samples category.

For more information, see the Paint Application Tutorial.

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