What's New in NetBeans Platform 6.5?

An overview of changes relating to NetBeans Platform 6.5, which is the Swing framework that underpins applications such as NetBeans IDE.

New & Changed Features

New APIs & SPIs

Read all of the changes here, with new classes as follows:


The following are deprecated/obsolete from 6.5 onwards:

New & Changed Tools in NetBeans IDE 6.5

New Video Series

A new series of screencasts is introduced in 6.5, to get you started with gaining a conceptual understanding of the NetBeans Platform. Guided by the screencasts, you will understand the NetBeans Platform's problem domain and you will see the main APIs in action via a series of demonstrations using NetBeans IDE. The current parts of the series are as follows:

Note: The topics in this series are also covered in the NetBeans Platform Certified Training.

More coming soon...

New Tutorials

All tutorials at http://www.netbeans.org/kb/trails/platform.html are updated. In some cases, there are big changes in the texts, because of the above changes in the APIs and in the tools. The following are published for the first time in the 6.5 release cycle:

New Teaching Materials

The NetBeans Platform Certified Training has been delivered to a number of companies and institutions during the 6.5 release cycle and a new page has been created, for ALL the slides ever made by anyone in relation to the NetBeans Platform:

The page is useful to teachers of the NetBeans Platform, i.e., either to people who are giving one-off presentations or to those who are giving full-blown courses covering several days to newbies or advanced users of the NetBeans Platform. If you have slides that should be added to the list, please join & write to nbedu@netbeans.org saying so.