What's New in NetBeans Platform 6.8?

An overview of changes relating to NetBeans Platform 6.8, which is the Swing framework that underpins applications such as NetBeans IDE.

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New & Changed Features

Read all of the enhancements here, with the main new feature highlights as follows:

Enhancements to NetBeans IDE APIs

NetBeans IDE, the development tool created on top of the NetBeans Platform, underwent several changes in its APIs during the 6.8 timeframe.

  • Common Server API. This API is under development. It lets you register server implementations, without the requirement that the server is an implementation of a Java EE specification. More details here.
  • Diff API. Support for everything related to creation and visualization of diffs. This library lets you register various diff providers and visualizers and provides programmatic access to their functionality. More details here.
  • Evaluator API. Evaluator service for a language that compiles into bytecode.
  • Framework specification of web.xml requirement. Since Java EE 6 does not require web applications to have web.xml files, your framework implementations can specify whether a web application created on the framework requires one. More details here.


The following are deprecated/obsolete from 6.8 onwards:

  • In the Options API, AdvancedOption and OptionsPanelController.createAdvanced are deprecated because these do not do anything you cannot do more easily using the annotations described above.
  • In the Utilities API, Nodes API, and Actions API, you are recommended to not use SystemAction, CallableSystemAction, NodeAction, and CookieAction anymore. They will be deprecated in the future. Instead, you should use the declarative actions referred to above.

New Screencasts

The following screencasts are new in the 6.8 release cycle:

New Articles & Tutorials

The following are published for the first time in the 6.8 release cycle:

Work has started on translating a new NetBeans Platform book to English, which will be updated to NetBeans Platform 6.8.

Finally, the NetBeans Platform Showcase has been updated with many new screenshots of NetBeans Platform applications.

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