What's New in NetBeans Platform 7.2?

An overview of changes relating to NetBeans Platform 7.2, which is the Swing framework that underpins applications such as NetBeans IDE.

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The main new features & enhancements provided in the 7.2 release are as follows:

  1. Annotations.

  2. Window System

    New features and enhancements in the NetBeans window system:

    • Custom Implementations of Tab Control. The new TabbedComponentFactory class allows custom implementations of tab control to be used in the window system. (More details...)
    • Multirow Editor & Editor Placement. It is possible to have multiple rows of editor tabs and to change the tab placement (top/bottom/left/right). See menu Tools - Options - Miscellaneous - Windows. (More details...)
    • Window Switcher. The popup window that shows when pressing Ctrl+TAB keys now includes non-document windows (Projects, Navigator etc) and also inner tabs in document windows (Source/Design/History). (More details...)
    • Animated Notifications. A window header can have (animated) notification that it is currently busy, e.g. it's content is being loaded. (More details...)
  3. UI Utilities API
    • Actions.forID. Given a @ActionID(category=Constants.CATEGORY, id=Constants.ID), it is often useful to load that Action for some sort of programmatic presentation.
  4. Explorer & Property Sheet API
    • Quick Search. You can quickly navigate to the desired element in an OutlineView via Quick Search navigation. Start typing the name of the element you're looking for and the view navigates to the nearest cell matching that name.

      The following methods are introduced to control the quick search functionality on OutlineView:

      The QuickSearchTableFilter interface is introduced to provide custom table cell data for quick search. The user can customize the search process via a pop-up menu on the search icon. Case matching can be turned on or off and desired columns that are to be subject of the search can be selected.

      The QuickSearch class is added to attach a quick search functionality to an arbitrary component.

For a list of all the changes, see http://bits.netbeans.org/dev/javadoc/apichanges.html

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